Schmaby, Part I

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Me, glowing, c. 2001

I am quite satisfied with my fivesome family and am not planning to have any more babies, thank you very much.

I started my family young so, while my womb may seem ever-still-so-ripe to you, I am ready to move onto enjoying raising my 5-8-11s. One day I may find myself mistaken and sliding down the chute back to the beginning (I was always one of those Snakes and Ladders players who rolled herself straight onto those damn snakes, like, ten times), but that is His surprise to give.

Lately I have been loosely investigating the world that new moms now find themselves in and I have concluded that I am just not cool enough to have a baby again anyway.

There are now all these fantastically featherweight, super-mobile, one-tap-closing, imported strollers - Bertini, Bugaboo, Inglesina, Valco, Zooper...Where the eff did these guys come from? Peg Perego and Maclaren are soooo yesterday. Never mind that I started out with a mammoth Graco system that we practically needed to attach a hitch to the car for.

And then there are baby bags. An old friend of mine had the cutest little thing that actually made my ovaries tingle. I thought I was so cool when I had Big Boy 5 years ago, ordering a canvas tote with all my kiddies' names embroidered on it, but heck, last summer I saw a new mom sporting a white-on-white Coach brand diaper bag. Not only are the baby-mamas of today chic, but they're brave too.

Caring for your new bundle hands-free isn't as simple as it used to be either. There are carriers of all types...the classic Baby Bjorn is still going strong, but there are now slings, Asian-style carriers, wraps, pouches. I'm still a big supporter of "Honey, hold the baby, I have to load the dishwasher".
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3 Response to 'Schmaby, Part I'
  1. Treeh'> April 16, 2009 at 1:51 PM

    Bahahaha (at your picture).

    You're totally going to educate me on the world of overpriced baby stuff when our time comes. I'll let you see my belly ;)


  2. Lei's Kitchen'> April 16, 2009 at 4:38 PM

    You bet I will.

    Fair is fair;)


  3. Rachel'> April 16, 2009 at 6:57 PM

    I told myself I wasn't going to buy anything new for this next one... now I'm starting to re-think that!!