Peeping Lei

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I did my last Cooking Show for 2008 last night. But not before I drove across town four times and got lost looking for an entrance onto the 401. And took a peek into some really beautiful neighbourhoods. I've always said that one of the reasons I enjoy my business is that I love to see people's homes. I'm one of those people who, while walking or driving, will turn and glance into curtain-drawn windows for a glimpse of the decor and activity of the families inside. (I'm not a stalker) So when I get to spend a few hours in someone's home, I get to see the shiny, big appliances that my kitchen wants to have when it grows up, the handcrafted woodwork throughout the house made by a very, very handy husband, the hand-me-down furniture that was just supposed to fill in the space when they moved in 6 years ago, the little touches that personalize the home (framed schoolwork, the toy kitchen in the family room, the grand piano (ok not so little), portraits, and lately all the different styles of Christmas decor.

It really is an honour that so many women (and one man, so far) have liked me enough to invite me to make a mess in their homes. It's such a fun way to get to know the world outside my little bubble. I can't wait to do it all over again next year.
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