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On Tuesday I ventured back to "the city" to say hello to my old co-workers and do lunch with my beloved former-boss-now-just-dear-friend. It was yucky outside so I joined the suits underground in the PATH aka rat maze. By instinct my pace picked up as soon as I entered Royal Bank Plaza. Disgusted with myself, I moved over to the side and sloooowed down.

When I reached the office, I was greeted by some familiar faces - it was nice, but eerily quiet, as several people had been let go since my departure. An investment firm can obviously not avoid harm from a market downturn...Lunch was great, as expected. And then I missed my bus back to Markham. It was horrible. I was running like the old days, wearing dress boots, chasing after the northbound bullet that split just 30 seconds before I reached the proper platform. How painful, watching it drive away....and then realizing that I wouldn't make it back to pick the kids up from school on time. And then my phone died right after I left a message notifying the school secretary.

Long story less long, the almost-calloused balls of my feet and my salt-stained dress pants are so happy to be back home where I belong. Oh, and I got the kids home safe and sound too.
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