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My first week home started with a lot of catching up on sleep, cooking and baking. Then from Friday to Sunday I was (for the most part, less Saturday evening bc I went to an old but dear friend's wedding) at the annual Pampered Chef National Conference. I was a bit worried that I'd just be hearing the same old things, even though I gained new insights at all four previous conferences I'd attended in the past. And to some extent I did hear the same things - but we learn by repetition, so I embraced them. And then we listened to a guest speaker on Saturday morning, Pat Pearson. While her talk was geared toward our niche in the direct selling industry, she taught amazing lessons applicable to anyone. That morning was my Aha moment, complete with a short ugly cry and some eye-opening revelations.

Oh, and I have to report, in my true elevator-controlling, prize-winning, ever-positive-thinking style (if you don't know, now you know), I won a logo'ed t-shirt there too!
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