Me? A bag collector?

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I was never a purse kind of woman in my 20s. My diaper bags always had enough space for my wallet, phone and keys, so there was never a need. Even now that I'm slightly more grown up, I only own three real purses: all wonderfully practical black...a small clutch-sized one for parties, one is a big tote, and one is a hobo that I never would have bought if I wasn't with my two most dangerous shopping buddies (but I love it, especially bc it has aqua detailing all over it).

But as of today, I have another collection of ten (I think?) bags. In 3.5 years I have amassed a mountain of Pampered Chef logo'ed messenger bags, tote bags, wheeled luggage thingies, caddy holders, my UPS guy delivered a bag I didn't even know I earned (bc if I knew, you KNOW I would have taken a picture of it at my conference).

I just thought that was kind of funny.
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