"Say It", by Charlotte Zolotow

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My little sister got married on Saturday; the festivities are done and her married life begins. It was a beautiful wedding, a very happy day that I was honoured (pardon the pun) to be a part of. It's always nice to attend feel-good weddings, when you know the couple long and well enough to know that this is a perfect ending-slash-beginning.

The bridesmaids and my co-honour attendant (aka baby brother who's taller than us all) received, among other things, my favourite book The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale. She'd already given the book to me on my birthday last year, so I wondered what could possibly be in this large envelope in my gift bag that could be equally fabulous. I was so anxious in the minutes leading up to opening that envelope, yet nothing prepared me for what was inside.

As you can see, I busted the ugly cry a nano-second after peeking into the envelope. She went back to our elementary school and got back one of my most treasured books that I, in my competitive stupor, donated about 20 years ago to the library in an effort to help get my class a pizza lunch. It was a decision I regretted for many years, everytime I thought about it. (We did get the pizza btw, but my teacher used to treat us to monthly pizza lunches anyway...duh) I'd forgotten about it for quite some time and when I saw that this wasn't just the book, but was MY book, with my grade school signature and library sign out card, I was speechless. It turns out, this was an idea that had brewed in her head for a while that finally found the perfect occasion. No surprise, since of the four names on the sign out card, two of them were hers.

I did my gross mushiness during my speech at the reception, so I'll leave it at this story that brags about the sweetness of the pretty little pixie bride that is my little sister.

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