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It's the last day of calm before the storm. Lil' sister's wedding is next Saturday. Big sister and the family have arrived from Washington - we are once again complete! I haven't seen them yet but it already gives me the warm-and-fuzzies.

The word's out at work that I'm leaving. Everyone's shared very kind words.

I made my earrings last night. The process is quite therapeutic. I looked at some similarly crafted jewelry today at the Bay, though, and I think I'll take them apart and try again.

Tomorrow night is Lil' sister's bachelorette party. Downtown for dinner and ??? We've got a monochromatic dress code happening (your choice of colour, head to toe) in honour of her obsession with matching. I've got some pretty fun stuff up my sleeves...although I'm sure that's what Monica said on Rachel's birthday - I hope it turns out well!

I am so happy with my coaching sessions. I've met twice now with my fellow Consultant and friend who's working to be a certified coach. Not only am I establishing structure, but I'm also learning things about myself and getting the support I need from someone who understands the business. Perfect timing.

In a bittersweet turn of events, there's another perk to me being home in August. My best friend's move to California has been delayed until December and is delivering her baby here in Toronto. It will be nice to spend some relaxed time together in the weeks leading up to baby's arrival, my boy's first day of school and when she has the surgery that caused the delay. Time to reserve a tea time!

I'm driving the bride to the church next week. How cool is that?

I'm driving the bride to the church next week in a smart fortwo. How much cooler is that?!

Small meals several times in a day keep you from making poor food choices dictated by a ferociously hungry tummy.
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