Counting Down

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My little guy's been reciting a litany of events leading up to my resignation for about half a year now, and with my sister's wedding in the bag, he and I are both verrry anxious to cross off the next item: "Mommy comes home"

With 17 workdays left, sometimes it feels a bit surreal. And then there are times like last night, when I ran at break neck speed (or as fast as you can run wearing $2 flip flops) for my homebound train, when I think to myself, "I'm so excited to not have to run after these @#$%&#$ trains anymore!"

I'm totally looking forward to:

waking up after 4:30am
making my kids' lunches with love
practicing my faith with less desperation
visiting my feisty 98 yr old lola more often
giving my home some much-needed TLC
cooking dinner
giving away free product more regularly every month
enjoying more QT with my growing network of home-moms, girlfriends and family
seeing hubby's face in daylight
reading more

It's amazing what 10 hours each day will keep you from doing.
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