Everyday can be a great day!

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The day started 2 hours later than intended: I mistakingly set the alarm clock to 4pm instead of 4am. I had to take the train after my usual one to work and I did not enjoy it. I could not stretch out my legs and toss my bags on the neigbouring seat, as the train was full of humans. grrr. Not only that, but these people did not appreciate the opportunity the ride offers for a 50-minute snooze...they were all talking! (I am definitely waking up on time from now on)

Then came a few "issues" and "annoyances" throughout the day, as well as a growing pile of work that comes along with quarter-end at the office. As I was leaving for the station this afternoon, realizing that my cell battery was dead and I couldn't chat with hubby while I walked, I thought, could this day ever pick up?

Two draining hours later (I was stuck in the Markham commute chaos after dropping off hubby to work), I trudged up to the computer to check if I had any new emails. The subject line of one message showed "Congratulations!" and I did not even get excited.

It's amazing what the word FREE will do to change your day...

I won the weekly Pampered Chef draw for a free night's accomodations at the Leadership Summit in January! I actually screamed and called my sister.

I love free so much that if I wasn't already married, I'd marry free.
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