"Courage" - by me

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I've been stuck in this exhausted rut all week. And being drained of all my energy has also stripped me of my ability to stay positive and steer clear of all negative things. I've been dwelling on things that annoy me, the cooler weather, the busy-ness of work.....and I've totally not stayed on top of my business, which is flourishing right now and about to explode. tsk tsk

I'm trying to wake up today. I know that I can sleep in an extra 3 hours tomorrow, and that always keeps me going on Fridays. I also did what usually works to lift my spirit - I went on www.hourofpower.org hoping to be inspired. It took a bit of searching, but I found a daily reading from earlier this week. At the end of it, I was assigned a poem to write, and by strictly following its instructions, here's what I wrote:

Do Anyway
Move Beyond Fear
God is Always There
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