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Once I heard someone say that women are the best sabateurs of their success. I was sooo the poster child of that club.

"You can't do it" "You'll never reach that goal" "Why would they talk to you" etc., etc.......

I reached a point where I was knowingly feeding my poor self-esteem and sinking lower and lower. And then I woke up and forced positive thinking, prayer, motivational reading and all sorts of good stuff on myself. And now I know I can do "it". Whatever it is, I can do it - I just need to try. I realized that I wasted so much time stuffing my fingers in my mouth in fear when all I had to do was hold out those hands and receive the blessings that are now coming my way.

Now that I'm building a team, this will be my main focus - to help them know that what they want is already there in their future - and to teach them to reach out and grab it.
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