Oh Canada

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Inspired by my lil' sister's and her friends' party theme, we rounded up some siblings and kiddies at our house to watch the Vancouver opening ceremonies on Friday.  In recent years I stopped feeling un-Filipino and embraced my Canadian-ness - I am among a small fraction of my father's side born on foreign soil, and growing up I felt pretty crappy that I was so much the Anti-Filipina.  Perhaps it was parenthood that did it - you figure out what is and isn't important - I became a firmly-proud Canadian (and I apologize for that also meant I was also a tad anti-others).  I do not see myself ever moving from this country (unless for love, and my dude's from here so...), and you might as well shoot me right now if you're going to deny me Swiss Chalet sauce, maple dips from Tim Hortons, Smarties, 'favourite', project (pronounced prow-ject, not prah-ject), or my beloved and world-renowned "eh" from every sentence that emerges from my mouth. 

And so, I outfitted my hands, Hubby and the kiddies with Vancouver 2010 gear, cooked up a few true north delights, and cheered on our home.

Oh my, aren't we so patriotic?
Team Festive: 2 Team Not-In-The-Mood: 1

My big girl and niece

Humpty Dumpty Ringolos

Lay's Ketchup Chips

Poutine = dinner, midnight snack and breakfast

The peameal bacon sammiches were so yummy I forgot to take pictures.
Gold medal treats

My big boy has temporarily set aside his Michael Jackson impressions and memorized Nacho Libre script in favour of Olympic themed activities.

Alexandre Bilodeau's gold medal-winning moguls run

Below: the Olympic torch
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