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While cleaning out the garage in the last couple of weeks (or, if you must, undoing a disaster five years in the making), I discovered a letter written to me perhaps eight or nine years ago from my beloved Lola (=grandmother). Memories from my childhood of her handwriting letters back home to audiences unknown using these blue, textured, long-lidded ballpoint pens returned to my as-of-late-hollow mind (must look into an herbal remedy - my forgetfulness is getting ridiculous). Finally, in my adulthood, I had received my own air mail from her - she even wrote jokingly on the corner of the envelope:

In it she explained regret that she wouldn't be able to do "what grandparents do" and hand out gifts to all of her grandchildren this Christmas. Her hearing had just started failing her and she had to save up for a hearing aid.

How sweet it was to read it again, knowing that she handwrote each copy she distributed that Christmas day, and that she explained that she was still gifting the younger, "jobless" of our bunch (some of my siblings and cousins were still teens at the time) with different envelopes.

My Lola is turning 100 years old in two weeks. There is no longer a need for that hearing aid; we are best heard by her close up, using our native tongue and our outside voices. She spends her days and nights in bed, sometimes "cooking", sometimes yawping for someone, anyone to get her some water....this stage that our family has found ourselves in - our grandmother has survived much and outlived our expectations - is a blessing above all things. That my children have met and kissed and talked with the Lola who helped raise me, scared the bejesus out of me, braided my hair good, lies beside a picture of me and my long, curly hair in a bubble bath, fed me the best food I ever ingested, is a recurring character of so many stories throughout my life, I am so happy.
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  1. Cheryl Anne'> September 14, 2009 at 2:08 PM

    You and your family are truly blessed to have your Lola around...congratulations on her milestone! I hope your celebration rivals that of your heartfelt love for her - one of utter bliss!


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