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Hubby has been home sick for two days (you're no good to anyone if your job involves talking to people all day long and you can't talk), granting me an all-access pass to the car. Day One I sort of became everybody's *itch, so that wasn't very fun. But this morning, as soon as I awoke to see my big baby still in bed, coughing his lungs out, I was on a mission. I started with two trips to the recycling depot to rid our poor garage of a gugillion pieces of cardboard and styrofoam we imprisoned there out of laziness. It was a beautiful day, but the novelty wears off somewhat when you're carrying things back and forth at a station built to collect waste. A bath was squeezed into the schedule after that. Then it was off to the bank to deposit another gugillion coins we had rolled a few weeks ago and then to Costco for a toilet paper, detergent and burger run. When I returned home, it was still too early to pick up the girls from school and my boys were napping. So I washed the car and watered the lawn.

I belong in this embarrassing category called Anal Procrastinators (get it? good.), but today I broke free of my lazy-chains and got stuff done.

Now, if you would excuse me, I'm going downstairs to loaf in front of the tv in my jammies with my friend Banana Split.
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