Last but not least

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I always felt that the jump from 7 to 8 was big. "Eight" just sounds so much older than "seven". And now I've got a second one reaching that milestone. I didn't realize until the 9th that this was her "champagne birthday" (or in this case, she's underage so let's just call it "golden birthday").

I'm happy that my dear middle-child (and I know exactly what it's all about; I'm no. 4 of 6) and I have passed the seven-year-itch and we are both still in one piece. She has always been my lesson that every child is NOT the same and you must raise them all differently. I have always tried (maybe I should italicize "tried" too) to foster a love of her unique personality, a positive self-image, to focus on her strengths...and maybe this sounds corny, but if you know her, you know why I mention this.

She's got a cackly laugh that's got the same level of character as her dad's, she never leaves her bed unmade in the mornings, and boy, does she say the darnedest things:
  • (we're walking by the hanging roast pig at a Chinese BBQ booth) "*Gasp!* Mommy, is that a BEAR??"

  • (my grandmother is 99) "Mommy, when Jesus was born, was Lola Lola born too?"

Happy Birthday to my little girl...

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