What would you do

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As I was heading home from bringing the kiddies to school this morning, I heard a bang behind me. Whatever happened left a freaked-out mom of two (who were in the back)'s front bumper hanging on for dear life and the rest of the car getting intimate with a snowbank.

1. Thankfully it is relatively mild outside. A balmy 1C as opposed to -28C windchill barely a week ago.
2. My GOOP winter workout could wait until tomorrow.
3. I thought about the ABC show "What would you do" and knew that I, the same woman who would say something if a dude drugged a chick's drink at the bar, certainly couldn't not check if everyone was okay.

So I decided to stay with the woman and continually peek into the car at the kids to reassure them (sister was crying and said she was scared when I first got there). In her frustration, she tried speaking to me in Chinese a few times after I told her I didn't speak the language.

"You should learn.....because you are so nice!"

An amusing but much-appreciated compliment.
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