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I love food.

I realized that today. Not "I love to eat" either. Well, ya, I love to eat too. But I think I had a bit of an epiphany over the last few days about food and what it should be, should do....

Growing up and living today in a developed country has been such a blessing because I have never been in such circumstance that I did not have food to eat every mealtime, every day. At the same time, food has, in a way, lost its value to many, as buying and eating local produce or eating "happy chickens" (aka organic aka not fed or injected with schtuff) is not the more easily attainable option for us.

Watching the cashier at the grocery store today broke my heart, as she scanned and bagged my purchase without the philosophy I (try to) apply to everything "doing things with love". To put it mildly. And then, as Hubby and I finished up our lunch, an employee, who was neither the hostess who seated us nor the waiter who served us, said thank you, and stole away with our bill and payment before we even turned to reach for our coats to indicate we were leaving. At least he said thanks though.

On the flip side...
I'm happy to have friends who are foodies, who love and appreciate the art of cooking, who see food as so beautiful that they can't stop photographing it, who share their gift of dissecting a recipe just by tasting the sauce. And especially at this time, when the cold winter months hinder efforts to visit farmers' markets and the like, I am so very happy that the heart of what I do in my business sends people home with at least two recipes, an idea, some new tips, and maybe some inspiration too.

Ooh, I totally feel like cooking right now.
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