Busy Weekend

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February 14th has always just been the 14th of February for us (at least since the late '90s), so aside from letting the kids indulge in some of their Valentine treats from classmates, Saturday started out like it always does. Hubby goes to work early in the morning and I assume the role of ballet class chauffeure. The kids enjoy a couple of hours of cartoons, and then I take control of the remote for the early afternoon and watch cooking shows on PBS.

Well wouldn't you know it, Hubby showed up with a couple of roses when he got home from work! Quite the amusing surprise; I couldn't help but burst out laughing when I opened the door.

Watching the NBA All-Star festivities with great friends was yummy...I mean fun. The Wild Wings and Dufflet masterpiece were definitely more memorable than the 3-point competition, but I did enjoy the rise of Krypto-Nate.

Sunday was spent at the mall. Excellent deals. So good, in fact, that I contemplated calculating my savings and posting the magic number on my blog.

Monday was Family Day, and that, it was. The five of us played board games and cards from morning until night and somewhere in the middle we all cuddled into bed together and watched Happy Feet on the portable DVD player which we sat on a pillow. Big fun - my little girl even started trash-talking like her father during an excited round of Monopoly.
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