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On Saturday morning our cluster had our 2009 Kick Off sales meeting. It was awesome. As intended (because I'm reuniting with the Universe again), I won a prize. I swear it's not always about the free stuff...

We joined forces with a sister cluster from northeast of us, which was nice because we don't often see other teams outside of Conferences. I learned a few things yesterday. #1 - our leadership structure changed on January 1st, as our Senior Director (aka my PC grandma) resigned from Pampered Chef. She has moved on to build an amazing business of her own and while I'll miss her, I am so happy for her. Easily one of the nicest, most sincere and authentic women I have ever met in my life. #2 - the 2009 incentive program was announced. The trip being rewarded for excellence in 2009 is....Walt Disney World for 4! Okay, so I had mixed feelings about this for about 5 seconds, since we just went there in May. And then I realized a few things. The kids are dying to go back ("I miss Disney World"; "Can we go back to Disney World"), and of course I wasn't planning on going back for at least another five years. Plus, this is a Pampered Chef trip. I have yet to experience one for myself, but I am told that PC trips aren't just vacations. Let me just copy what the brochure says of the Level 3 reward (out of 4, which I have set my target at):
  • 3 nights at Disney's Contemporary Resort
  • Airfare and transfers for 4 (buy-in for additional children is of course available - my poor little Little Guy)
  • Daily group breakfast
  • Four 4-day Park Hopper passes
  • Exclusive Pampered Chef early morning hours at Magic Kingdom Park
  • Exclusive Pampered Chef evening with dinner at Disney's Animal Kingdom Theme Park (they are closing the park for our founder's birthday celebration)
  • Breakfast with your favourite Disney characters

What a sweet treat to dangle at my children for the next 12 months when I need them to behave so Mommy can make some evening calls........

Dinner was equally fun - our annual cousins holiday get-together in Whitby. It was almost the perfect Christmas miracle as we were ALMOST all present. Thanks to the yucky winter bug that's been plaguing everybody, a few sad souls had to stay home. Great food, lots of laughs and the promise of dedicating a specific date for future Christmas celebrations were shared by all.

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