Heart Goals

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With all the depressing talk in the media about a grim 2009, I wanted to make sure I looked at the year ahead with positivity and determination to make it wildly fun and successful. And with news of four deaths in the last seven days (two were in their 20s and one is in the family), I've been sort of smacked in the head with a big wake-up call to waste no time living a happy, genuine, intentional and purposeful life.

Hubby and I sat down and worked on our goals for 2009. It was a fun and fruitful exercise. I recently listened to a call on value-based goal-setting (i.e. heart goals), so we looked at a huge list of values, picked out our top 10, and gradually narrowed them down to one. Then we came up with objectives and actions that were in line with these. I am so excited to get started and pray for continued inspiration in the months to come.
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