Thanksgiving Day

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Okay, so it's Christmas Eve. I must confess that I've faced a lot of temptation today to gripe about how heavy the wet snow was to shovel, antsy kids begging to open gifts, undone items on my to do list......Thank you, God, for catching me before I let these things crap on my day.

I am so thankful for the greeting cards from friends and family that now bury the piano, for good friends and great times, that all the ingredients I needed for baking and holiday cooking were not out of stock, for windshield wipers that work well, for all the patience I had at the checkouts in the last two months, for the nice bus driver on Monday morning who let Little Guy ride for free, for giving us one more Christmas season to share with our favourite sunny surrogate family, for all the new babies this year (I can barely remember when my own kids smelt so good), for all the babies on the way, in moms' tummies or in couples' hearts, and the ones awaiting reunion in another place (they're all in my thoughts today especially), for the chestnuts that I love to hate, and for safe journey all week.
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