Mom Week - Part II

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Last night the kids and I (poor Hubby had to work) joined family and friends, aka Team Tini, at the LLSC's Light The Night event downtown. Our team raised over $1700 for the Society and earned ourselves some tee's, hoodies and a couple of other incentives which I think are in the mail. It was a collective effort to honour Mom on the year of her 20th death anniversary.

Registered team members included me, my siblings, our children and hubbies, my cousin, my niece, and some old-but-very-dear friends.
Heading downtown during the evening rush hour in search for parking during some pretty nasty weather took its toll on my mood. If not for my brother being in shotgun, I think I would have felt much crappier. The candlelit memorial portion of the event seemed to be pretty much rained out, and when we met up with the rest of the umbrella-protected team, all that was left to do was await the start of the 4k walk. Getting all the kids dressed in their tees (over layers and layers of clothing) and being around the family was fun, but bittersweet, as we were missing a few team members who hadn't yet arrived, and especially my big sister, who registered to joined the team but, living in WA state, would only be walking with us in spirit.

So, as other teams slowly started to make their way to the starting point, we gathered on the path for a team photo, illuminated balloons in-hand. Who comes walking toward us but MY SISTER. Enter tears, hugs, kisses, and questions. What a sweet, sweet surprise. Soon after our other missing team members arrived and we were complete and the weather tamed down.

The walk itself was fun, and the kids all had a great time, and were troopers, since they were doing this after a full day of school. Big props to my 3rd, very pregnant sister, who pushed her #2 and #3 in a double stroller the whole way. A moving highlight for me was walking past the glass facade of Sick Kids' Hospital, as people (staff, parents, patients, perhaps) stood on various floors at the windows waving lights at us. It was beautiful.
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  2. sam'> October 3, 2008 at 10:48 PM

    This looks like it was a very awesome movement and and I am indeed very moved by all that you guys have done to remember your mom. I did a double-take at that surprise guest in the picture :D Congratulations on an amazing event!