Mom Week - Part I

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Despite fighting a fever and nursing two also-sick kiddies on Saturday night, the five of us all made it out Sunday morning to cheer on Little Sister as she completed her first full marathon. It's amazing what a full day's limit of Tylenol can help you do.

It was an incredible day and I have to confess that I got emotional just walking from our parking spot towards the cheering crowds. Everyone is cheering for everyone, ringing the complimentary Scotiabank-stamped cowbells, waving their homemade signs. We and some of my family planted ourselves at the "100m left" mark, just before the finish line, where my brothers-in-law awaited her arrival. While we waited for her, we cheered for whoever passed, especially the ones who looked like they were absolutely itching for the finish line, and it's cool because everyone's bib has their first name on it. Little-Big Brother and I even cheered for Jesus...from Mexico.
When we found her approaching in the distance, I don't think I screamed that loud since the Spice Girls concert.
We gathered at Nathan Phillips Square for free Multi-Grain Cheerios samples, it seemed, and met up with her there. I again was overwhelmed when I entered the LLSC Team In Training tent. Posted along with the tribute board for Mom were other boards telling the stories of other runners' loved ones. It was a reminder that we are not alone in this fight.

I'm so proud of Little Sister. Measuring in at an imposing 4 feet 9 inches, not only has she gotten a full marathon under her belt, but she did so by taking more strides than most of the other runners needed to to get to the end. I heard this morning in training, "Be afraid of 'small'. It isn't nothing." She's a hero and an inspiration. One day I hope to be as skilled a runner as her...
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  1. Katrina'> October 6, 2008 at 8:36 AM

    Thanks Lei! I love you!