Doing Lunch

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I was blessed enough last spring to be invited to a WND = Wednesday Night Dinner. Every Wednesday (or as religiously as they can keep it), a small group of city-dwellers feast on usually homemade, themed cuisine made by the host of the given week. It's a wonderful tradition that I always hoped to bite off them one day. Given that I can barely keep the school lunches straight and every year turns me into more of a chauffeur mom, I was starting to get envious rather than inspired.

Well last week I think it happened. A small collection of girlfriends got together and enjoyed a homemade lunch and a few hours of each other's company. It started on the first day of school, and even some of the hubbies joined in, but now that we've met twice, I think it's official - we're actually doing something social on a regular basis. Wow, that sounds sad, but it's a big thing sometimes for burb-moms.

One more thing to add to my so-happy-to-be-home list.
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  1. melandnorm'> October 29, 2008 at 9:29 PM

    Congrats! I'm sure you guys will have a lot of fun. Maybe eventually when us city dwellers move to the 'burbs, we can join your group! (And vice versa of course but that won't happen anytime soon, will it?)