Ding Dong Ditch

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AKA: Ding Dong Dash, Knock Door Run, Dolly Knock, Chappy, Chap Door Run, Knock Down Ginger, Ring and Run, Knick Knock Nanny, Buzz Buzz Book-it, Bombknocking, Knock off ginger Ring Bang Scoot, Triple D, and finally, Nicky Nicky Nine Door. Grrr.

At 4:49 this afternoon the doorbell rang fast and furiously and when I turned my head while sitting in the living room (watching Zac Efron on Ellen - wow, he cute), I saw a figure speed off the porch. I got to the door quickly enough to see a rotten little teenager gallop away to meet his walking friend about five houses down. I was so mad, I swear, if I had the car I would have followed them home to scare the crap out of them. Oh yes, kids, I will tell your mother what you did. I don't care if you're 10 or 18. Instead, in my immobile frustration, all I did was yell out "Foolish!" Lame, Leah, so lame.

Now you know that much of what I say at my Shows is not ad-libbed.

I remembered the time so that I can hopefully be on my porch watching them walk home tomorrow.
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