Today's 21

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The first 21 things that I am thankful for that come to mind at this moment:
  1. my growing trust in and love for God
  2. kamikaze rolls
  3. the best-friendship of my husband
  4. my newly-acquired call display service
  5. my first baby, who thanked me for checking up on her this evening
  6. my second baby, who kissed me long and sweetly last night
  7. my third baby, who's morphing into a kindergartener on Thursday
  8. everyone else's babies who just keep pouring into the world, and doing so safely and happily
  9. great friends with whom I can't miss a beat, whether it's been two days or two years
  10. that my Double Chocolate Hangover Cake still tasted good on Saturday
  11. brothers, sisters, and parents who are easily lovable, love me back, and have my back. period.
  12. my rotary paper cutter. she's been so good to me.
  13. being home
  14. the joy and freedom that my business has allowed me
  15. my 70 peso jelly shoes
  16. the power of prayer
  17. that I'm surrounded by warriors and champions
  18. the 11.5 years I had
  19. that Heroes is returning in 20 days
  20. the gift of great health
  21. the story that begged me to count today's blessings (start here)

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