Rest of My Life, Day 1

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My last day of work was great. Finished all the training I could think of, gifted my allergy-plagued-steak-loving cubicle quadmate with a couple of boxes of tissue and Crushed Peppercorn & Garlic Rub, gave my beloved boss a Simple Additions Rectangle Platter, treated the office to Strawberry Cream Trifle in, you guessed it, the Trifle Bowl, enjoyed a farewell lunch at City Grill (5 oz. sirloin on a salad with blue cheese, mushrooms..mmm) as well as a caramel crunch cake and gathering of all the staff to wish me well. Everyone knows and cheers on my plans to be home with the kids and pursuing my business full-time. I introduced a lot of people to The Pampered Chef yesterday, and even sold a Garlic Press before day's end.

I shared a near tear-jerking goodbye with my boss at Union Station, but we've become such great friends that I'm excited to keep in touch with her outside of the office and within York Region:)

The train ride home was interesting (I'll keep this between me and my train buddy), and when I walked in the front door, there were my three kiddies lined up beside each other wearing card board signs 1. Welcome 2. Home 3. Mom! I was also awarded a "Best Mom" medal which I wore all evening. I cooked dinner (a first in a long time) and we baked some cookies later that night.

This morning I awoke to the brightness of daylight rather than my alarm clock and opened my eyes to see a beaming little 4 year old boy, saying so much with his silent wide-eyed grin.

After checking out the newly-opened Home Depot (120 pc. Ryobi drill bit set for $4.99 - deal of the week, I think!), our whole household went grocery shopping together for the first time. My mother-in-law is now smitten with Costco. After we got home we had the first bbq meal of our grilling marathon weekend.

So far, so fun...
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  1. Katrina'> August 2, 2008 at 6:40 PM

    YAY!!!!! Sounds like such a great start!!