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What a busy weekend. I can't imagine trying to pull off the last three days with my old job. *taking a moment to exhale and smile*

On Friday night, hubby and I headed up, way up, to Caledon for my cousin/godbrother's wedding. It was a wonderfully fun evening. I sat at a table with sisters and cousins and their significant others...and only one of our FIFTEEN children were in attendance (a technicality, as the one is still hanging out in my sister's womb). You can imagine what eager partiers we all were. And very happily, both the groom and his brother took over the DJ table for old time's sake - classic house anyone?

On Saturday, I had my Leukemia and Lymphoma Society fundraiser show and tried two new recipes - Bread Bowl Artichoke Dip and Taffy Apple Tartlets. I'll post the recipes in September on my website. It was a little more intimate than expected, but somehow Pan Fried Black Cod with Soy Sauce from Richmond Court (a huge family fave) snuck itself into our dinner menu, so I can't complain.

Sunday was filled with more busy fun. We had our monthly Cluster meeting, only this time it was for our entire team, including the west-enders who usually gather on their own every month. The rest of the day was spent at my new goddaughter's baby-shower-turned-welcome-home party. It was an afternoon/evening filled with old friends, a bazillion kids, good food, a new father mistaking packaged washcloths as panties, a seasoned dad scoring big while sneaking away to the slots, bonding time and, as usual, lots of naughty laughter. For some reason, I still tried to fit in the late showing of the Olympic Closing Ceremonies after we got home. (My sleeping patterns should improve now that I'm no longer at the mercy of Beijing's time zone.)

I felt so over-stimulated from the last three days that when I woke up this morning, I didn't know what to do with myself. But we did end up at the mall for a bit more back-to-school shopping.

*Deal of the week: (haven't done this for a while) adjustable waisted jeans from The Children's Place, regular price $26.50; my price $4.99
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