Our Disney Vacation - Part III

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Re: Off Day
We took a break from the park mayhem and went to, well, Universal Studios! Just for lunch though, at NBA City. Food was yummy. I ordered the pasta that was served at the 2000 All-Star Weekend. We also began our outlet marathon that day. As expected, amazing deals.

Re: Park Day #3 – Disney Hollywood Studios All three kids donned the HSM tees they got from their grandmother before we left. The highlights of this visit were, the HSM2 Pep Rally – very well done – and the Pixar Block Party. It’s their mid-day parade, only the parade stops and all the characters jump off the floats and dance and play with the children in the crowds. The “emcees” are the plastic soldier guys – hilarious! The girls took their dad to the Tower of Terror while I kept my little guy occupied at more friendly attractions. The night time show Phantasmic is pretty cool, with sprays of water acting as movie screens.
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    Keep going! I'm enjoying this! Haha!