Our Disney Vacation - Part I

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It has been almost a month since we returned from our first real family vacation but I just looked at some of our pictures today and they brought it all back.

Re: The Drive
We drove 10 hours to Virginia (pit stop with cousins) and another 12 to Orlando. Driving through South Carolina and Georgia was wet, to say the least. Torrential rains, with twisters just west of the I-95. But once we hit the Florida border, the temperature climbed about 10 degrees and we were at 34C when we finally reached the resort. The kids were troopers, considering I went hippy on them and was adamant about not bringing a portable DVD player. Will definitely save us all and bring one next time.

Re: Park Day #1 – Magic Kingdom
If it’s anybody’s first time going, you MUST visit this park first. Enjoying all the classic Disney themes, characters, rides first set the tone for the entire trip. I’d been there twice before but it’s a different experience when you take your children. It’s magical seeing how awestruck they get at everything. Just the signage as you drive onto Disney property is enough to get everyone worked up. We had great seats on Main Street USA for the parade, and scored a good spot for the fireworks show. We conquered the park in 1.5 days (we returned later that week) and, thankfully, were disciplined with our souvenir and food spending. The Mickey ears were a must – only we had one Mickey, one Minnie and one Peter Pan hat – and the embroidered names were a necessary added touch. We went grocery shopping the night before so we had our meals back at “home”, which was literally just outside the park.
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