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My darling middle child, the little girl that likes boy things, turns a whopping seven today. This is the last instalment of the 6-week birthday spree - the last, but certainly not the least, as she has reminded us in the last few days. We celebrated last night at a Japanese buffet; we all agree she made a good choice in restaurant.
She was the smart little cookie who taught me that every child is different and the way you worked with the first kid ain't necessarily the way to go with the next. She has always worked hard to establish a distinct identity from her siblings and, while that developed a tough exterior, she's really still this innocent softy inside. Raising her for these first seven years has taught me that I need to let my children be the people they are, not try to mould them into what I or others assume they ought to be. The next seven years, I am positive, will be quite the ride.
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