One thing you forgot to do yesterday
1. Buy hubby a replacement toothbrush after my boy flung the other one into the toilet. (Don't worry, we had a back-up)

Two clever things you've heard people say
1. Paullynomial
2. Work your plan; plan to work.

Three events you are looking forward to this year
1. Disney World!
2. My lil' sister's wedding
3. National Conference - for so many reasons

Four of your favourite ethnic foods
1. Pad Thai
2. Sushi
3. A good burrito
4. Souvlaki

Five random thoughts for today
1. There's no more space on my lawn to put all the snow that's coming this weekend.
2. The inside of the tulip on my desk looks like a kaleidescope.
3. What do you get a pre-teen for her birthday?
4. I love designing and making invitations.
5. I'm keeping a shovel in the car tomorrow.
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1 Response to 'Someone's feeding my addiction.....'
  1. sam'> March 8, 2008 at 7:02 PM

    always a pleasure...

    - your neighbourhood Survey Pusher.