Home Stretch

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Spring is within arm's reach, I know it. Winter just had to blow out one final, worst-of-the-season storm and now he's ready to go back to bed until next year.

Yesterday was a cold, a little bit scary, tiring, crap-the-snow-is-blowing-back-in-my-face day. But it was also a warm and fuzzy, laughter-filled love-fest with great friends and dear family members. Now that the sun is shining on this next morning (so what if it's -15C outside? I am CANADIAN and I got through it last week!) and the storm has passed like we all knew it would eventually, I wouldn't have changed anything about yesterday.

I would like to send a special shout-out to the good people at Michelin and the makers of the little Oskar adjustable snow shovel; we couldn't have done it without you...
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