Post-Christmas review

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After weeks of making cracks at work with my friend that we, two of maybe 8 people in the office on Christmas Eve, would bust out the booze and get drunk on the 24th.......well, let's just say that I missed my homebound train and stumbled on and off subways and buses for 2.5 hrs before finally stepping foot in my house.
Christmas Eve with hubby's side of the family was fun. Our first cousins' evil Santa gift exchange proved fruitful for us - we scored the SceneIt dvd game and Elf & A Christmas Story on DVD! We slept there and stayed in the west end for Christmas Day mass. A very nice church. And we scored a parking spot and seats at 11:59am for a noon mass.
Christmas Day with my immediate family was yummy. I think my sister has successfully ended her quest to recreate Richmond Court's Pan-fried Black Cod. We spent a few hours doing the karaoke thing, and I have to admit that I am the first performer I know to have ever scored a phenomenal....goose egg. Well, would you score high rapping Ice Ice Baby? Huh? Huh?? (I am assured it was a glitch....whaaa) Unfortunately the parentals were too sick to join us, but are spending the next two weeks in HI so hopefully the sunshine will chase their winter blues away quick.
Boxing Day was verrry nice. The first time in over five years that hubby wasn't working, so it was nice to sleep in together, all of us. We had dinner at my aunt's house - the 26th is always reserved for Mom's side. We saw the von Trapp family 40th anniversary reunion, watched the BeeGees Vegas concert on DVD, ate chestnuts (now you KNOW I didn't...I'm out of the non-chestnut closet now), played Cranium and blew kisses to sleeping Lola before the night was over. The five of us even squeezed in a little Cut the Cake game (Lianne's version of Duck Duck Goose) before bedtime.
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