Foodie Tuesday

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Every day I encounter the same smells while walking to and from work from the station, always in the same order, and it provides me with some sort of fix. First it's grilled cheese (Michel's Baguette I think) and then it's warm milk (Timothy's), followed by garlic and roasted peppers (Oasis under the Exchange Tower). Then on my way back to Union after work, I pass something - I am still trying to figure out which food place this is on the inside of the building - for about two steps, as I walk by the exhaust from this place, it spews out the beautifully unhealthy aroma of deep fried fish and chips. Mmmmmmmmm..........

Today I'm joining my boss at a pre-holiday lunch with clients at La Petite France. Hubby asked if I was going to eat frog legs since it's a French restaurant and I dismissed it, thinking, so silly...frog legs, is that all he could think of?? So this morning I hopped onto the restaurant's website to check out the menu, and guess what I saw under Appetizers:
Poêlée de Cuisses de Grenouille Provençale 12
Garlic Sautéed Frog Legs à la Provençale
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