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My birthday on Sunday was pretty busy. Celebrating other people's birthdays. Hmpf! Just kidding. My birthday pig-out was already in the bag by Saturday (Leave my kids on an island with a truckload of California rolls and veggie tempura and they'll be fine for days).

This week went by quite slowly and I felt like a robot each day, barely getting through each daily cycle and still waking up at 4:45am without fail. I'm happy that it's Friday, but I still have two shows this weekend, one being 2.5 hrs away. Shows are always a happier busy though. At least I can sleep in a bit. I eagerly await the days when I can wake up later and eat breaky with hubby and the kids on weekdays.

Last night was parent-teacher interviews. They went very well, but for some reason the thing that I remember most is seeing how many kids aren't putting their indoor shoes on their feet properly. tsk tsk tsk....the backs of the shoes are all bent inward.
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