Time to go home

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While I'm still having a great week, my heart cracked this morning. I say "cracked" instead of "broke".

My little boy woke up while I was ironing my work clothes at 5:44 this morning.

"Hi, Mommy".....and then back to sleep.

Then, at about 6:02, as I was leaving the bedroom to head out (and yes, I made it to the GO station with time to spare!), he awoke again, and this time called out to me in more of a pleading tone. I said my usual "I'll see you real soon" when one of the kids is awake when I leave. Then he turned over and while assuming the fetal position, started crying silently.

What caused the crack is not so much the crying. It's the fact that I didn't stay beside him until I knew he was for sure back to sleep for fear of missing my train.


As my workload is not very heavy today, I am once again working out the details of my plan to get back home to my family.
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