Happy Hump Day

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I ran like the wind yesterday morning to catch the train. To my horror, I heard the train whistle the second I stepped foot outside of the house. I didn't even think about how embarrassing it would look, as my approach is in full view of every GO rider that's already at the station. I had three bags yesterday, swinging and banging against my legs as I desperately tried to catch my 6:14am lifeline. I was even letting out little grunty, panting sounds from running so hard.

I am determined to not have to do that again.

Today is a new day...or night. I woke up at 4am to make sure I got lunches made, clothes prepared, fit in a little facebook, did some PC emailing (which I didn't do last night because I passed out at about 9pm). Today I am going to casually stroll down Bur Oak (NOT my short cut through the dark laneways) and have enough energy from the 5 minute walk to actually get up to the upper level to my usual seat. You should have seen me grab my seat yesterday...

Stay tuned to see if I made it early!
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