Hubby and I celebrating a dozen years into our sentence

My birthday celebration at home started with some successful culinary experiments and censored pictures, hiding the come as you are dress code.

Big Boy and I indulging in a little Purdy's (seriously - that's $6 of delicious evil we're holding)
The long-awaited tea with the ladies at Four Seasons. I highly recommend.

My birthday week was capped off with a sweet reunion and a beautiful wedding.

Got a little carried away with the Christmas decorating

Christmas party #1 - my teeth are crying as I look at this "gingerbread man" again

Christmas party #2 - Ugly competitive Lei returns - I seem to be the Xmas movie encyclopedia

I always love the annual themes and photo shoots

Christmas Eve at the mall before dropping Hubby off at work.

Big Girl's eyes were closed in the first takes so we took these to make her feel not so bad

Oh yes, dear Cake Plate, I'm coming to get you

The best Magic Mike ever - big it up for my cousin who rocked Sean Paul

No lumps of coal this year

Lil Sis transforming into a mama

My family is all about photo ops with props

Homemade pecan tarts made with love by Lil Sis - and enjoyed with passion by me

Boxing Day at Anthropologie

A close up of the fully recyclable window display.

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  1. L'> January 7, 2010 at 11:02 PM

    Oh no you di'int! You know what I'm talkin' about.