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Okay, I think today I have a bit of breathing room to catch up. Right now I'm incapable of forming full, grammatically-correct sentences. Good luck.

3/5/09 - Little guy enjoys a full cheering squad at basketball...and we see just how easily the kid gets distracted and breaks into a dance mid-drill. Dinner with the faves makes me so happy...and so other stuff.

3/7/09 - My cousin got married - suddenly she's not a "little cousin" anymore. Time flies. Good times, great food, beautifully done, amazing company. "Because here, at Furniture City......"

3/8/09 - Mom's 21st angel-birthday celebration. We're all running on fumes and love after Saturday's festivities. I thoroughly enjoy ODing on family time.

March Break - birthday parties, bbq, sleepovers, catching up with oldies-but-goodies, downtown galavant, Puzzle Day, *cough *cough (it got ugly...ODed on lozenges this time to get through my PC Show)

3/24/09 - First Communion retreat with 60 grade 2's.....VERY entertaining. Picked up my Lil' Girl's outfit; cute as a button (with a very discreetly etched flower on it).

3/27/09 - the first of many Countdown Dates - what a great idea!

3/28/09 - Earth Hour at my sister's home - Charades by candlelight and taste-testing the new President's Choice Loads of Mocha Almond Fudge ice cream make for a perfect night.

3/29/09 - Monthly lunch tradition continues - good food (me like Mango Chicken), good friends, exciting surprises!

So thankful for all the QT we/I enjoyed all month long. Boy, did I need it.

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