"Its true. I am alive."

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Back in the fall, the story of a young family of six turned upside down after the parents were badly injured and burnt in a plane crash prompted me to compile one of my "I'm Thankful For..." lists. While siblings and extended family cared for the four young children, Mom and Dad were being treated for burns, Mom sustaining them on 80% of her body.

I have been following Mom's blogs (nienie dialogues), where fans requested re-postings for the last four months, as well as the blog of her sister (cJane), who would provide updates on the progress of the whole family.

What a delight I enjoyed this morning when I saw that NieNie is blogging again. Her writing is so entertaining, and her love for God, her husband (aka Mr. Nielson) and children is intoxicating.

This happy ending and exciting new beginning just made my day.

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