Life's Good

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After over an hour at Best Buy, I got myself a new cell phone. Happily, my existing number has transferred over successfully. It was a tug of war between the good, frugal, sensible angel on my left shoulder and the naughty, flashy, impractical demon on my right. I almost got a Blackberry Curve, complete with a 3-year set of shackles (aka expensive voice&data contract). God bless the dude that helped me out - he was so patient with my indecisiveness and was honest with his recommendations and alternatives. It helped that he felt indebted to Hubby for hiring him several years ago;)

The angel is patting my back for staying true to my objective - buying a phone that places and receives calls.

Note to self: must call the store manager to recognize Dude for his great customer service. You don't come across that very often anymore.
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2 Response to 'Life's Good'
  1. sam'> December 3, 2008 at 12:42 AM

    So, is the FUTURE FRIENDLY? Is your new phone bettER? Were you seeing RED or did you a make a GOOD CALL? Does your phone make you the owner of a new DOG? Or does your phone feel like you've been TOUCHED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME? Did you buy your phone based on the President's Choice or did you fly SOLO on your decision?


  2. Lei's Kitchen'> December 4, 2008 at 3:57 PM

    haha...shoot, I need a few minutes to think of a creative response worthy of your question!