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One of the biggest changes that being home full-time has brought about is my exercise routine. It was actually non-existent, unless you count my daily break-neck sprints from Queen & Yonge to Union Station. (Oh man, those were sooo not fun.) Now I'm running 5km every other day, and while I still stop three times along my route, I can feel my stamina improving.

Little Sister is, naturally, a big inspiration. And I'm actually getting a push from Hubby's brother, who's been running the same route as me every weekend but doesn't really know it - I'm secretly determined to beat his times, since his response to my long-term plan to run a marathon was, "pshhh, good luck!"

It seems that running is becoming the sport of choice these days. I'm hearing from a lot of people that they've taken it up/back up recently, and now I have this magical dream that all my running friends and family can run a marathon together and make a party out of it or something.

As a teen, I did a few of Gilad's Bodies In Motion workouts here and there, but really wasn't very active. I took Grade 12 gym for the credit and supposedly got lapped by my future husband during the Magic Mile. So me being able to survive the run around the neighbourhood without dropping dead is a huge thing. And plus, as you know, I love FREE, and running the old fashioned way doesn't charge membership fees (It actually pays, if you count the ego-boosting hollers from the construction workers. Just kidding. Ew.). I've caught the fever, I think. So much so that the shopping list for our impending trip to the States next month does NOT include any items from the Coach outlet for me (SAY WHAT?!) - just some good shoes and gear for my new hobby.
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