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I think my productivity and the quality of my parenting is going to be tested next week. I'm sure you can guess why.

The big thought in my head yesterday was, Wow, a couple could have conceived, incubated and delivered a baby during the wait for a new Heroes episode. Yes, my friends, I'm deep.

And now that I've been reminded that next Thursday is a big premiere day as well, I've got several shallow thoughts. It's Curriculum Night at school that day, as well as the first meeting for the parents' council (which I'm planning to infiltrate this year). I just keep thinking, Thanks God for time-shifting. And now I'm starting to worry about Derek's safety as he goes to break it off with Rose to build his house of candles with Meredith, forgetting that a) they are well into the writing and production of the season's eppies, so what's going to happen has already happened, and b) it's a tv show and these are not real people.
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  1. sally'> September 22, 2008 at 2:06 PM

    thanks Leah! That was funny to bump into you and Benjie. We were there to tell my family the news actually!! haha!! :)