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One of the two VPs I support was kind enough to take me out to a farewell lunch this afternoon, since he's on vacation during my last two weeks at work. We went to Donatello, an Italian restaurant on Elm Street. We started with Caprese Salad - "Fresh garden tomatoes, with fresh bocconcini cheese, olive oil, & fresh basil" and then I had ravioli with crab, goat cheese and red peppers inside (apparently made with love by a little 80 year old lady) in this crazy tomato pesto sauce.

This is definitely not a cool food blog like the ones my friends/cousin maintain, but I had to share this experience and recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a great little date venue. It was totally delish (And actually so was our server. My boss and I amused ourselves by both flirting with her so we could hear her Australian accent - he brings the twisted out of me).

After lunch we walked it off by going to Cumbrae's over on Church Street so he could buy some steaks for dinner. He spent about $120 on 3 striploin steaks, 12 kobe burgers and a sheet of bacon. Not exactly a steal, but by looking behind the glass of these counters, you can just see that you get what you pay for. If there's such a thing as beautiful meat, I think this is where you buy it.
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