A Testimony

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"I Love Free Stuff!"
Yes, it is officially an addiction. I realized it this afternoon when I tore open the fresh-from-the-UPS-truck box as if it was the leg lamp from A Christmas Story.
The above images are as follows:
  1. Me
  2. "love"; "heart"; the cranberry Simple Additions Heart Dish ($16 value)
  3. the PC 12" Stainless Covered Skillet ($255 value)

As you can guess, I got both for free over the holidays. Basically for doing my job. And yes, you read right. I got that $255 pan for free. When I return from Cincinnati (where I'll pick up who knows what), my free tablecloth, apron and pouch will also be shipped to me. Of course, I'll have to post a picture of me with them...

I love my business.

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