Saving the Day

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The pain of every working mother is the fear of missing her children's magical moments - their first steps, first words...

I was lucky enough last night to be home when my oldest daughter experienced one of her rites of passage into big-girl-hood - getting a round brush horribly tangled in her hair...down to the scalp, no less.

(If you see her, don't mention it - she was terribly embarrassed and will kick my behind if she finds out I blogged about this to the world!)

It was a four-hour ordeal, riddled with tears, my grunting, her brother sympathetically telling her "You look funny", a bit of pleading "Just cut it off!", and ended finally with me snipping off each individual tooth/bristle.

At a time in our mom-kid relationship when her independence (and intolerance of Mom's imperfections) grows daily, it made me really happy to know that I can still be her hero.

I hope she wet down the fuzzy mess that remained before going to school this morning......
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