Final Friday

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This day isn't moving fast enough. After today I'm off for a 5-day stretch, and then the following week I'm in for only three before heading to Cincinnati. I'm having one of those anxious, giddy, unfocussed days. Last night I watched the Spice Girls special (recorded and burnt for me by my beloved Cousin Spice) and I was clapping my hands hard and blurting out excited comments by the end of it. Try Loser Spice.

Trying to gear up for this 5 days off mentally - the new year will begin somewhere in the middle there, and I have to start really focussing on my goals. Still reading lots, which is good for me. I have a lot of reconnecting to do with my Consultants and other contacts.

I know my energy level was similar at the beginning of last year, especially at the time of the Paris trip announcement, but this time I'm much more intentional about my actions and specific about what I want.

I think I'll start working on my goals/resolutions for 2008....
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