Back to Cincinnati....Kentucky

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Writing that title just made me chuckle. The last time I was in the Cincinnati/Kentucky airport was at the horrendous start of the fabulous vacation I took with hubby and my best friend. I have vowed to create some great memories to replace that nightmare when I return in January.

My first Pampered Chef leadership conference, the first Canada/US joint summit, is being held in Cincinnati. I am sooo excited! And for so many reasons. Not to sound like a high school girl wanting to fit in with the cool girls, but building a team has led me into the company of some really great people - and now I finally have more in common with them and have more opportunity to soak in all their wisdom. It's already quite motivating. On Saturday's meeting one of the Directors was talking about her obsession with the free new season products and I thought to myself, "well if she says we could at least round up $3500 in sales then I will too!"

There will be over 3000 PC leaders at this thing - that's about the same number of Consultants in all of Canada. We'll get a sneak peak at the Spring products and very importantly, they will announce the next incentive trip. Which I WILL earn this time.

I have made it no secret how much I love a great deal and saving money and getting stuff for free. Well, with this trip it is no exception. I won a draw that awarded me a free night at the hotel of my choice for the Summit! Just as cool is the fact that I am using frequent flyer miles to fly there, as opposed to bussing it with the rest of the ladies. As fun as the bus ride would be, I can't spend an extra day on the road - and dude, I'm saving money! I have to buy some extra miles, but with taxes in it's still cheaper than the charter split.

I am so excited. I know I will come out of that even more motivated and energized than National Conferences in the past. Maybe it's also because I know I won't be waiting 1.5 hrs for a burger at Chaucer's at midnight....long story.
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  1. u_turnlady'> October 17, 2007 at 11:48 AM

    I'm so excited for you...but please, don't go to ChAUcers!!! =)