I Love...

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...my siblings. There are so many of us, but we are so tight, so connected too. I love them so much that at this moment there is a lump in my throat just thinking about them. Somehow, there are six very different paths being taken, but taken together.

...subtracting the clearance price I paid from the regular price.

...ice cream. I am going to sneak some after the kids go to bed.

...my son's antics that so remind me of his father.

...that my business drags me off my lazy ass to do things that will make me grow and be happy.

...that my daughter keeps me on my toes. I never know what she will do next. Pig out or refuse to eat? Fight sleep or pass out? Wear boy clothes or put clips in her hair?

...cooking. I wish I could do it more...so that I'd be good at it.

...my daughter's addiction to creativity. If it's not dancing, it's visual art or singing or writing.

...soup. Sinigang, Pho, Italian Wedding, Cream of Mushroom or Broccoli, Corn and Crab. I have to say though that French Onion Soup is overrated.

...that my husband can still make me pee my pants laughing.

...reading and educating myself. I wish I could do it more too.

...witnessing the power of faith.
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